Register, persuade & turnout voters for the election

Postcards are proven to nudge people to register to vote, ensure they have the right ID, persuade people to vote for a specific candidate and to turnout voters on election day. It can even be free for the candidate or campaign.

Before and during next election, use postcards as a novel way to persuade voters then get them to send in postal ballots or go to their polling station.

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Deliver to Westminster and devolved assembly politicians

We have tools to enable your supporters to easily find their local political representatives and quickly get their message printed and posted on a postcard or letter.

These postcards and letters get noticed and usually responded to by post to the sender.

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Shelter invite postcard to MPs to 'save the date'

Choose any decision maker

Any postal address can be used to receive postcards and letters. Just identify one or more decision makers in government, business, local services, etc. Then ask your supporters to send a postcard or letter and it will be printed and posted.

Like politicians, other decision makers take printed post seriously and usually respond.

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Enable supporters to send to their social circles

Supporters have a whole network of family, friends, colleagues and neighbours they can reach. Enable them to ask via postcard to support a campaign, donate, get vaccinated, show up to an event and more.

Peers are usually more influential than authorities, so get your supporters to reach out.

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Postcard image: Thank you for supporting South Hampshire's countryside

Fundraise in novel ways

People give to tangible requests. Donating to the cost of sending a postcard is tangible. Average donation is £15 and 80% of senders are willing to donate to at least cover their own postcard or letter print and postage cost. Most appeals have a surplus

The bonus? You'll get new donors and learn who is more likely to become a monthly donor.

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