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Make the difference in tight races

  1. Get people registered to vote: Anyone who votes must be on the electoral register. Everyone who didn't vote last time, has moved (including temporarily for education), has changed their name, has changed their nationality or lives abroad must re-register to vote. If you aren't sure, verify they are on the electoral register.
  2. Ensure people have the right ID: voter ID requirements are complex and the rules are different depending on age and other factors. So get supporters to check they have the right ID or to get the right ID well before the election.
  3. Persuade: It is worthwhile and effective to persuade registered voters to vote for a specific candidate and party. Personal postcards and letters from neighbours, friends, family and colleagues help with this persuasion. This is especially true for undecided, disconnected and disillusioned voters.
  4. Boost turnout: Personal promises from neighbours via postcards and letters (direct mail) on if you vote has been proven to boost turnout by 8%. Other uses also boost turnout. In tight elections they have helped determine the winner.

How PostBug can help

PostBug isn't just for sending postcards and letters to decision makers. It can also be used to:

  1. Campaigns to send personalised postcards and letters to supporters
  2. Enable supporters to send personalised postcards and letters to their community

Not only can postcards and letters be sent within countries, but between countries for reaching to/from overseas voters.

Free sending is possible when a campaign is set up to have the sender pay. In this scenario the sender can pay just for their own costs, pay for sending multiple cards that are made available for others to send for free or send for free if there are donated send credits. All the campaign needs to do is provide the content and promote their PostBug actions to their supporters.

The supporter data is controlled by the campaign, not PostBug, and you can download it any time in various formats. PostBug operated with the 'gold standard' privacy policy of the EU: GDPR and under this is the 'data processor'.

For high volume campaigns, we can setup custom domains, provide guidance on system integration, create custom reports and more.

Our ethical policies

We have a broad ethical policy about who we will work with and what standards they must meet. For most people and organisations, this should be easy to operate under.