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Politicians want constituent contact

Is may not always seem that way and it differs between politicians, but it is a key part of their job and their re-election. Yet they are bombarded all day, every day, with emails, online mentions, instant messages, phone calls and more. With more digital overload than ever before, one personal postcard or letter can have an outsized impact as it stands out.

Standard political databases

PostBug has the standard lookup-by-postcode tool for MPs, as well as for Welsh Senedd Members, Northern Irish MLA members and Scottish MSPs. For the devolved nations there are multiple representatives for any postcode, so we'd need to discuss which is appropriate and the options for supporters. For many of these there is a choice of the post going to their parliamentary or their constituency office.

For the Lords, they don't represent anyone specifically, so a discussion is also needed about the appropriate way for supporters to be in touch for your campaign.

For ministers, it is as simply as finding the latest address and confirming with you it is the one you wish post to be sent to.

Custom political databases

We can also offer subsets of these like only English MPs, your own selection of MPs/MSPs/MSs/MLAs, Lords or any other political or administrative bodies for which there is data.