Policies & Terms: Overview

Last updated: 26 Feb 2024

Plain English Policies & Terms

A. Our ethical policy

We are not affiliated with any specific campaign or party. But we are passionate about progressive change and governance. Thus the following policies are in place to support this.

PostBug can only be used to:

  1. To spread content which is truthful, evidence-based, independently corroborated or reasonable opinion and discourse (thus no lies, deceptions, fake news or malicious propaganda)
  2. To promote policies and actions which are aligned with the UN Declaration of Human Rights, Internal Labour Organisation, UNHCR, UNICEF, WHO and other national, international and global humanist bodies
  3. Support policies which are broadly aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals
  4. Are broadly supportive of increased justice, ethics, diversity and inclusion

Breaching these policies will initially result in a temporary suspension of the campaign while we discuss it with you and oversee corrective action. A subsequent breach will result in a cancellation of use and can result all budget paid will be retained if the breach was malicious, deceptive and/or illegal.

B. Data protection

  1. FairSay is the data processor and the action initiator is the data controller.
  2. What data is held?: The personal data that action participants provide and that you provide, including data about messages sent and the status of payments.
  3. How long is it held?: Up to 24 months from your last usage of the PostBug platform or shorter if requested
  4. Is it secure?: The web connection is secure, the servers are secure and updated with the latest security updates, the database used has robust security and data protection practices, you approved user access and roles and each user is provided with their own login, our access to online services requires 2-factor authentication, our work computers have active anti-virus measures on them and very few people have access to the systems.
  5. Data transfers: Participating in client-run campaigns hosted by PostBug means you come under the organisers' privacy policy and your data is theirs to 'control' based on your preferences.
  6. Payment data: PostBug doesn't hold any payment data, only payment status.
  7. PCI Compliance: PostBug as SSAQ A compliant under PCI DSS v3.2
  8. Cookie use: only used for website tracking and logged-in users
  9. Other tracking: Analytics is used to track web page traffic

Suppliers we use

  1. FairSay: operates PostBug site, platform and service
  2. Royal Mail: for delivering post (UK)
  3. iMail Comms: for printing post (UK)
  4. PayPal: for accepting payments
  5. Stripe: for accepting card payments
  6. AWS: for hosting API servers and CDN (Frankfurt data centre)
  7. Supabase: for hosting data (Frankfurt data centre)
  8. Vercel: for hosting web pages (Frankfurt data centre)
  9. Cloudflare for server traffic management and protection
  10. Postcoder.com: for UK post code checking
  11. Google: anonymous website visitor analytics (soon to be self-hosted analytics)
  12. Contractors: support PostBug, clients and campaigners

Communication from us

  1. Only clients will receive communication from us unless we agree with them to direct contact to solve an issue relating to your message, payment or data.
  2. Data sharing is only with clients. The clients who run campaigns via PostBug operate under their policies and the data is considered 'theirs' to manage, not PostBug's. PostBug only stores it on behalf of these clients.

C. Copyright

  1. The campaign content copyright belongs to and is managed by the campaign initiator (the client) and is responsible for ensuring they have the correct copyright permissions.
  2. The sender content belongs to the sender and is used by PostBug and the client to provide the service the support the campaign
Clients give permission for PostBug to use images and text to:
  1. Display on the PostBug website and platform
  2. Print on the cards/letters
  3. Store on the servers
  4. Make it sharable on social media
  5. Use on and offline in PostBug case studies, press releases and other PostBug communication
  6. Allow journalists to use the content in an article about your campaign on PostBug

Detailed policies

  1. Terms of use
  2. Privacy policy
  3. Payments policy