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You already know that people tend to donate for a few reasons:

  1. They relate to the issue due to personal experience
  2. The purpose of the donation is both tangible and credible
  3. Their family, friends, neighbours and colleagues are supporters
  4. They want to be part of the solution for a current new issue

The great thing about printed postcards and letters is that people know they cost to print and post: they are tangible. Plus PostBug can be setup to enable supporters to send postcards and letters to their family, friends, neighbours and colleagues. You just need to connect your appeals with their interests and people will donate.

Crowdfunding to send postcards

The most common fundraising-pairing with PostBug is a crowdfunding action. Many clients have asked supporters to pay for the cost of sending and raised thousands and tens of thousands. The average donation value tends to be around £15. Existing clients have found using PostBug is cost neutral.

Furthermore, many of those donating may be doing it for the first time, and thus it allows you to followup to ask for a regular donation.

Various ways have been used:

  1. Pre-campaign donation ask (e.g. Dignity in Dying)
  2. Sender-pays contribution ask (e.g. Stonewall)
  3. Completion page/email donation ask (e.g. Shelter)
  4. Participant followup email donation ask (e.g. Wildlife Trust)

All have demonstrated a positive ROI and offset the costs of sending postcards.

Sender-pay has a great ROI

Sender pay in PostBug means that senders have a choice to pay for the cost of their printing and postage or pay for multiple printing and postage so others can send for free. If you seed the budget with some free-sending credit, then some supporters can always send for free or choose to pay the cost. The amazing thing is that 70% of supporters have been choosing to at least pay for their own sending cost!

Be creative, we're here to help you succeed

If you have ideas for how fundraising can be integrated, just share your idea and we'll advise you not only what is possible and how to do it. If it isn't possible with the existing platform, we'll consider improving the system to make it possible.