Educating new minister to preserve hostel funding

Client: St Mungo's

The problem: avoid funding cut

St Mungo's needed to bring the importance of homeless hostels to the new minister for housing and homelessness, since a funding review meant homeless hostels risked a funding cut.

The objective: change definition

The aim of the postcard was to ask for a minor change in the definition of ‘short-term’ so that funding was still available to homeless hostels. St Mungos aimed to send 2,000 cards to the minister.

How PostBug was used

St Mungo’s provided a postcard image that represented scenes from existing homeless hostels with the slogan "Save Hostels, rebuild lives".

The message was uneditable so that they could ensure the specifics of the ask correct. It focused on the rational and facts followed by the key goal.

St Mungo’s emailed their supporters to send the card for free.

Outcome: 2000 postcards to minister

More than 2,000 postcards were sent to the minister within a week and in addition over 12,000 campaigners signed a related petition to the Homelessness Minister, Heather Wheeler.

Impact: success!

St Mungo's won their campaign to get the Government to drop their plans. As part of the Government announcement that they won't go ahead with these funding changes, Ministers have also made welcome promises to review the wider funding given to hostels and to make sure they're all providing good value for money.

St Mungo's postcard: Now is the time to end rough sleeping for good

St Mungo's postcard: Now is the time to end rough sleeping for good