What are PostBug printed post delivery times?

In general, in-country delivery times tend to be 4-5 days economy class postage and out-of-country post depends on the destination country. The destination country also has an impact on the cost. For some countries we can arrange for in-country printing and postage which cost cost and speeds up delivery times.

Even countries under international sanctions can receive post. Delivery times in all countries can be affected by strikes, protests that affect road/trains, extreme weather, etc.

  • UK: 4-5 days in practice (Royal Mail promises 2 business days but has never been able to deliver this quickly in real-world tests)
  • EU: depends on the country. Northern and central European countries are reported to have faster delivery times than southern European countries.
  • US: Using ground transportation - 2-8 business days for within the state, 5-14 days interstate.
  • Canada: Using regular mail - 2 business days for within the local area, 3 business days within province, 4 business days inter-province.
  • Australia: Using regular mail - 2-4 business days for within the state, 3-6 days interstate.
  • Other country estimates available on request.

Countries without a local print-an-post partner will have their mail sent from outside the country and this will by subject to international postage rates and delivery times.

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