How does PostBug work?

From setup to printing and delivery, what happens is:

  1. 👩🏽‍🎨 Setup: A campaigner or fundraiser sets up a PostBug action
  2. 📢 Promote: Then you launch it to your supporters and network. If you wish them to pay the cost of sending and/or donate to the action, you can do it before, during or after.
  3. ✍🏽 Write: Supporters respond by writing a message via the action page that was setup, add any details and permissions and send it
  4. ✅ Moderate: You can review and moderate messages before they are printed and sent you wish, or they can go out immediately
  5. 🖨️ Print & stamp: Messages are printed and stamped
  6. 🎒Sorted: The printed post is sorted according to destination and delivered to the postal service
  7. 🚚 In transit: The items are treated like any other post and delivered to the recipient address. Note large organisations have internal mail teams for sorting, screening and delivering post, so delivery times need to account for them too.
  8. 📬 Received 🎯: The delivered items are received, read and reacted to (e.g replied, request more information).
  9. ↩️ Respond: If the sender's postal address is on the postcard or letter, the recipient can reply directly. The campaigner or fundraisers' postal, email or web address can also be included to follow up.
Postbug bee - sending postcards to people in power

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